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Two distinct styles for all classes, each with their own unique specializations and talents.


A pal to beasts and nature that hunts by instinct.

Tank Damage Healer Melee Ranged
Taming Hunting

Excellent at beasts taming and trap setting, tearing enemies apart with wild forces.

Preference Attribute: Combo

An attentive hunter immersed in archery that deals lethal range damage towards enemies.

Preference Attribute: Crit.


A guardian of lives against evil, with unceasing devotion towards justice and light.

Tank Damage Healer Melee Ranged
Justice Guardian

Wielding the sword of sanction, initiate trials against the evil target, and send down heavenly punishments.

Preference Attribute: Crit.

Under the protection of the celestial light, acquire a strong physic and will, with enhanced capabilities to stand by allies.

Preference Attribute: Glancing


The sword and shield forged with countless battles is the badge of courage and faith found in heroes.

Tank Damage Healer Melee Ranged
Fury War shield

Aggregate rage in battles and transform it into sharp knives against enemies, incurring devastating damage.

Preference Attribute: Combo

Become the shield master that offers staunchest support to alli

Preference Attribute: Glancing


The force of ice and fire, will that incur order…or chaos?

Tank Damage Healer Melee Ranged
Frost Flame

Master the force of ice and frost to freeze enemies, exemplifying stunning control.

Preference Attribute: Combo

Command flames to consume everything, causing large-scale damage.

Preference Attribute: Crit.


Worship holy light, heal wounds, resist and disperse evil.

Tank Damage Healer Melee Ranged
Faith Pray

Strengthen spirit during tough trials, acquire the power of faith to sentence evils.

Preference Attribute: Combo

Worship and serve the holy spirits of light, acquire the power

Preference Attribute: Crit.


Artist of the battle field, valuing notes and melody greater than weapons and elixirs.

Tank Damage Healer Melee Ranged
Solo Concerto

Play the wild and uplifting notes to launch sonic wave attack, boost the strength and spirit of allies.

Preference Attribute: Combo, Crit.

Play chapter of life to heal allies and protect the team from harm.

Preference Attribute: Combo, Crit.


Master of frost and thunder, fearless even in a blood-drenched battle.

Tank Damage Healer Melee Ranged

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


Say No to Pay to Win!

Here in Tarisland, you will not find character upgrades in the game store.
Experience a classic fair MMORPG. It takes optimised character builds, strategies, and reliable allies, and lots of practice to get the best experience in the game.

PVE: Multi-layered Raids and Intricate Dungeons

Various levels of difficulty exist for the raids in Tarisland, along with random modifiers that will greatly affect your experience as you attempt the creative challenges in the dungeons.
Players may challenge themselves at any time, learning how each dungeon works, searching for the best tactics for each dungeon, as well as coordinating with teammates to achieve the best possible results.

Seasons: A New Journey
Every Season

The power level gap should never be too widespread among players.
Therefore, each season is a new experience in Tarisland, allowing all players to start at the same page and enjoy the same content.

A Massive World and a Grand Narrative

In Tarisland, there is no auto-pathing. Players will have to traverse the land by themselves, as they encounter different events and discover hidden secrets.
Players’ behaviour, climate change, and specific hidden easter eggs may all lead to anges in the overarching narrative, potentially changing the fate of everyone on the server.

Cross server & platform

The game can be played on both PC and mobile devices.
Game progress will be synced across the platforms, and players will have access to all gameplay features no matter where they are.
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